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Appalachian Power Co.
serves Roanoke, Roanoke County, and parts of Bedford, Botetourt, Craig, and Franklin Counties.
Phone: 800-956-4237
Columbia Gas of Virginia
serves Botetourt and part of Craig,County
Phone: 800-543-8911
Craig-Botetourt Electrical Coop
Serves parts of Botetourt, Craig, and Roanoke counties.
Phone: 540-864-5121
Highland Propane Co
propane only
Phone: 540-777-7928
phone service in Botetourt
Phone: 877-468-3567
Roanoke Gas Co.
natural gas provider for Roanoke, City, Roanoke County, Salem City, and parts of Botetourt Co.
Phone: 540-983-3800
Salem City Utilities
water,sewer, electrical, and garbage disposal fror the city of Salem
Phone: 540-375-2029
serves all areas for phone service
Phone: 800-826-2355
Western Va. Water Authority
water and sewer services for Roanoke City, Roanoke County, and parts of Botetourt and Franklin Counties
Phone: 540-853-5700

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