Barker Realty Company

Barker Realty Company is a family-owned business established in 1989. We strive to provide professional personal service to all our customers and clients. With over 20 agents, we can serve any individual's need to purchase or sell a residence, investment property, acreage, a lot or a farm. We represent both buyers and sellers on an individual contract basis.

We are proud of the Agents that represent Barker Realty, many have been with us for over 10 years. Our Agents range from seasoned Agents to new Agents who we extensively train and support. Note that “seasoned” does not mean that you never have a question or a unique situation that requires collaboration. All Agents have access to a Broker for advice or input.

Real Estate Agents are independent contractors, they are not employees, they are their own boss.  Being your own boss requires a positive attitude, a unique skill set including good time-management, the ability to seek out new opportunities and innovative thinking. These traits are not only important for the Agent, the benefits extend to their Buyers and Sellers.

As most industries today, the real estate business is changing at warp speed.  When it comes to change, our Agents encourage it and embrace it. They are quick to react and adapt to changing circumstances and new ideas. At the same time, they are patient with clients as they bring them on board with changing technology and the implications for their Buyers and Sellers.

13 East Main St
Salem, VA 24153
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